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5 Signs your Laptop or Computer is Crying of Services

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5 Signs your Laptop or Computer is Crying of Services

What if one day you get up from sleep on the sounds of someone crying? You move into the hall from the bedroom to find a photo frame of your laptop with a garland on it. You quickly go searching for your laptop; you find it at your desk and hurriedly try to turn it on. Nooo…It is not turning on…It is not working…It is DEAD. Who is responsible for its death? It is YOU. It was you who didn’t service it in time.

If you don’t want that such a situation, even though hypothetical to arise, service your laptop or desktop in time. Every electronic device has a shelf life; this is true even for laptops and desktops. In order to make the most of them, ensure opting for laptop repair service and desktop repair service from time to time. The question arises how to identify if the device needs servicing?

5 Signs your Laptop or Computer is Crying of Services

  1. Overheating: It heats up very quickly, minutes after turning it on often causing random shutdowns of the system and too much sound from the fan.
  2. Slow: It has suddenly gone slow, you initiate a function and it takes ages to complete the function.
  3. Restart: It is restarting again and again and again, you have lost the count.
  4. File error: Files on which you were working don’t open or show as corrupt.
  5. Lines on screen: Vertical lines start appearing on the screen.

If you come across any such signs, contact Computer Solution Company, we provide best in the league laptop repair services and desktop repair in Mumbai. We also offer yearly computer maintenance contract so that neither you nor your laptop or desktop needs to cry ever for services.

Bring your ill laptop or desktop to our Computer solution clinic or call us on 91-8976108498, we shall admit it, carry out necessary tests, prescribe it medicines and it will be back to normal, we shall save its life.

Long Live Your Laptop/ Computer.

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