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Which is Right for you? Desktop or Laptop

computer or laptop

Which is Right for you? Desktop or Laptop

So you are unable to decide whether you should purchase a desktop or a laptop. Let us tell you the simple and most effective way of deciding. We want you to take out a coin from your pocket and toss it up. If it comes as HEAD go ahead and get a desktop, while if it comes as TAIL, purchase a laptop. As simple as that.

Does this approach work? We wish it worked, but sadly it does not work like that. However, nothing to worry, we at Computer Solution shall assist you in deciding whether you should get a laptop or a desktop.

As a user, it is very important for you to be sure about your personal requirements before making a purchase. What is the purpose? What is your budget, etc.

Factors to Consider

Generally the various factors which must be considered are as follows:

  • Screen Size: A desktop generally has a larger screen size as compared to laptop.
  • Portability: A laptop is portable while a desktop is not.
  • Space: Laptops take very less space and also don’t have wires attached.
  • Power Usage: While desktops not only use more power than a laptop, they also always need to be plugged to a power supply for functioning. So at times when there is no power, laptop comes handy.
  • Repair: Repairing a desktop is much more easier as compared to repairing a laptop.
  • Upgrade: The built-in features in desktops such as RAM, storage, graphic card can be easily upgraded. The same is not true for laptops.

Some other factors such as budget, storage, etc don’t need much consideration as they are more or less in the same range for both desktops and laptops.

When to Get a Desktop

Get a desktop if you:

  • Work from a fixed space, either home or office.
  • Work with huge data.
  • Are into gaming.

When to Get a Laptop

Get a laptop if you:

  • Want flexibility with working
  • Need to carry your work at places
  • Prefer compact working desk

Now that you have decided to make a purchase, contact Computer Solution today, we shall ensure you make a right choice when it comes to purchasing a laptop or desktop. Also, if you are looking to buy secondhand laptops, we have a smart range of secondhand laptops.

It’s time to keep that coin back in your pocket, no need to toss it for deciding to call Computer Solution or not, contact us right now. We are waiting to assist you.

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